Roxanne Rose
I am a young, female cartoonist with a passion for art and storytelling. I have been doing art for the past ten years, and I have been doing comics for one year. 
I specialize in digital art, and I use Photoshop and Illustrator for most of my work. However, I do have experience in Premiere, After Effects, and Audition, and have used the programs to make basic animations. I also work traditionally with pencil and acrylic paint. 

While my focus for the past year has been on my Furry comic series, I still work on other types of art, most of which will be found on my Twitter.
You can find me at the following websites:
^Patreon: Early access to all of my work^
^FurAffinity: The primary website for my furry art^
^Inkbunny: The secondary website for my furry art^
e621: An external archive of my furry art
Twitter: Home to my non-pornographic and abstract art