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Alice is a no-nonsense alchemist that loves blending magic and alcohol to make fun, sexy experiences. This comic does not appeal to any one fetish, but all center around alcoholic spells.
Yinling and Yanglana are very dangerous and evil silver-tongues, and can use their magic to brainwash anyone who lusts after them. These stories focus on hypnosis and brainwashing, and most have elements of dubious consent.
Ninni is an enchantress that believes people should be able to become the exact person they want to be, but her enchanted jewelry may pack more of a punch than one may expect. These comics appeal specifically to the Transformation fetish.
Crowe is a much older witch that knows a lot about the world of witches, and has taught many magic users in her time. These are short comics that focus less on yiff and more on showing how magic works in this realm. These comics will sometimes be safe for work, and will typically release a few pages at a time in-between comics. 
My general art gallery
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