Roxy Foxy Comics specializes in comics, art prints, and hand-made goods.

RFC began selling at conventions in early 2022, and started by prioritizing art prints and hand-made comics. As we've continued to grow, we've expanded to other goods like stickers, magnets, bookmarks, and zines. 
We sell both general and adult merchandise, but we can easily adjust our inventory to match the needs of any furry event. 
Roxy Foxy Comics has sold merchandise at:

-Were-House Art Market 2023, CO (Upcoming)
-Denfur 2023, CO (Artist Alley)
-Anthro Expo 2023, OK (Night Market)
-Denfur 2022, CO (Dealer's Den)
-Anthro Expo 2022, OK (Artist Alley)
Our Current Setup
Our current setup was constructed for Denfur 2023's Artist Alley, and is our cleanest and most diverse setup yet. 

The list of items currently for sale includes: 
-Art Prints (Small, Medium, and Large, General and Adult)
-Adult Comics
-Hand-bound Sketchbooks
-Extra Large & Traditional Prints
-Knitted Scarves
-Commission Slots
Previous Setups
Our first table was made for Anthro Expo's Artist Alley in 2022

At this time, our resources were fairly limited, so we focused on selling just a few items: art prints, magnets, and home-made comics.  
This construction was only used once, and adjustments were later made to fit more merchandise.
The second setup was made for Denfur's Dealer's Den in 2022

While we had originally anticipated a standard Artist Alley spot at Denfur, we were upgraded to the Dealer's Den after some space opened up. Because of this upgrade, we quickly needed to improve our table setup. 
We replaced the art display shelves with boards that would display the art behind us. We also added a metal sheet to display our magnets, as well as a magazine shelf to display the comics. 
By now, our merchandise had expanded to include hand made stickers, bookmarks, and badges. We also started printing our comics through a manufacturer rather than at home. 
This display was used for both Denfur's Artist Alley and Anthro Expo's 2023 Night Market (The art prints were swapped out for adult prints)

Our third setup was made for Denfur's 2023 Artist Alley

This table design is our current setup, and focuses on maximizing display space for books and trinkets. Sturdier magazine shelves were made for this construction, as well as interchangeable panels that will allow me to update my display with new merchandise as needed.
Future Plans
We plan to grow our collection of merchandise to include more hand made goods, like zines, stationary, and painted crafts. We also anticipate working with manufacturers to eventually have other goods for sale, such as tapestries and acrylic charms.

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