Here are some other fun facts about witches and magic:

-Men who can use magic are referred to as wizards, and women who use magic are referred to as witches. Non-binary magic users will either pick one term to go by, or will just refer to themselves as magicians

-Only 1% of the general population has the ability to use magic.
-A magic user's ability to use magic is dependent on the energy they create within themselves. The better they take care of their bodies and mental health, the better their magic is.

-The ability to use magic is a trait you must be born with, and is passed down from parent to offspring.

-Magic users tend to live twice as long as non-magic users. This is because witches need to take excellent care of their bodies in order to use magic, and they can use magic on themselves to feel younger longer.
Here are some more fun facts on this topic:

-The creature's diet will be a result of the combined essences. For example, a Tiger-rabbit (Carn + Herb) would be an Omnivore, while a Goat-Person (Herb + Om) would be an omnivore that need a larger portion of plants in their diet.

-It's generally acceptable for people to eat meat as long as it didn't come from something with a human essence. Some choose to abstain from meat with which they share an essence. (A Cow-Person may choose to refuse to eat meat from a Cow-Turkey).

-While two creatures only need to share one essence to reproduce, it is only socially acceptable for those with a human essence to mate with others with a human essence. A mouse-person mating with a mouse-fox would be considered bestiality, which is a universal taboo.
Here are some extra fun facts on the topic:

-Mages are the most common class, making up about 55% of the magic population. Alchemists and Enchanters each take up 20%, and Silver-Tongues take up 4%.

-About 1% of the population would be considered "Generalists". These magic users study all methods, but their abilities in each are typically diminished.

-Magic users typically choose their class after basic training. After they choose their class, magic users continue their training with a master of the same class.

-Magic users are able to change their class, but this is very rare for established users. Those who choose to change their class are typically students who are still training.
Author's Note Regarding Magic Imagery:
Some of the symbols used used for the sigils are ones I made up, while others are lifted from various occult practices. I am using these symbols for narrative purposes only, and I mostly intend to use them as a more abstract representation of each character's inner beliefs and upbringing. While I gave some basic meaning behind Crowe's sigil, feel free to pick apart some of these sigils for your own interpretation. My use of these symbols are not intended to condemn, condone, or appropriate real life occult or Magick practices, and do not reflect my personal beliefs.

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