01: Social Stuff

This is a new series called Roxy Rambles, it's a more personal, variety series where I just talk about whatever. The pages are much simpler and the topics are more random because I want it to be something I can make quickly about whatever I feel like. Some pages are heavier, some are giving advice, and some are just dumb jokes I stole from my husband.

Pages will be released publicly on Wednesdays, once per week when I have them ready. I'll likely make these in batches, depending on how much I have to talk about.
02: Keeping it short

This used to be a pretty big problem for me back when I was in college. I was trying to balance between school work and a regular job, and there was no time to make anything really. All of my ideas just appeared and died in my head. Some folks have asked me advice for starting a comic series, and this is the best advice I could give.
03: Pure O

I've had noticeable symptoms of OCD for about five years now, and I just got diagnosed this year. I thought it was just regular anxiety, and it turns out that this form of OCD is easy to miss. The kind I have, Pure O, is marked by intrusive thoughts and mental rituals (rumination, justification, repeating words and scenarios over and over in my head).  

Here is an article to learn more about the condition. If you think you may be suffering from OCD of any kind, I recommend talking to a specialist rather than a general therapist. Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) is the form of therapy primarily used.
04: Flock of Cows

Have you heard of cows?
05: Please Stop

I think this scenario happens more in my head than in real life tbh.
06: I've Fallen

I don't care if it's 10 AM, I'm cozy!
07: Ski Spirit

He's got better endurance than me, but I've got better balance, probably because I'm so short.
08: Mistakes

Mistakes are forever on the internet. It feels like all the time someone I follow is outed as something terrible. Does fame make people bad, or are bad people more attracted to the limelight? Is there a double standard between the general public and online personalities?
09: Weed

I'm still working to get better with this. Having a second person holding you accountable helps
10: Yarn 

It's a right of passage

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