Commission Rules:

-A 3% fee will be added to the final cost to pay for processing fees. If you live in the state of Colorado, sales tax will also need to be collected.
-I reserve the right to reject commission requests that are offensive, inappropriate, or uncomfortable to draw.
-Please allow up to 14 days for your commission to be completed. Also please provide a reliable source of communication so we can go back and forth on updates. I accept Discord, Telegram, and Twitter for messaging
-You will receive the full copyright to this image as long as it only contains your own original characters. I reserve the right to post the finished piece on my own pages as well.
-I require a 20% down payment on any order over $100, due once the final sketch has been approved.
-I WILL NOT draw extreme/contentious material, such as cub, loli, zoo, scat/piss/fart, hyper, rape, diaper, or vore. If you aren't sure I'd draw it, feel free to ask.
-If you would like me to draw someone else's character, please provide proof of permission from the original artist.
-I will draw fanart, but I will not draw them as NSFW or in a particular kink they have not been officially associated with.

Comic page example:
 A page is commissioned that has three panels. The first panel contains two characters from the bust up with a background, the second shows one character from the waist up with no background, and the third shows two characters in full body with a background at a different angle (ie: it would need to be redrawn). All three are in flat color, and the background isn't very busy. Both characters have a pre-existing visual reverence, and neither are very complicated. The pricing would go as follows: (((15{bust}+5{color})x1.65{second character}+20{background})x0.7{30% panel discount}) + ((20{waist}+5{color})x0.7{30% panel discount}) + (((25{bust}+5{color})x1.65{second character}+20{background})x0.7{30% panel discount}) = $103.25. Please note that some prices may be negotiable. I may increase the panel discount if a panel is very tiny compared to the others, and I may decrease or waive a background cost in a panel if I can reuse parts or even copy/paste
To start a commission request, please fill out the contact form below. If you want an NSFW piece done, please provide your age.
Thank you!

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