Badges - $5

Badges are printed on cardstock, laminated, and punched. The following are available as badges (Left to right)
-Oh Deer
-Artic Owl
-Floating Off
Bookmarks - $5

Bookmarks are 7.75"x2", printed on cardstock and laminated.
The following prints are available (Names shown in the picture from top to bottom):
-Artic Owl
-Blaze It
-Feelin Golden
Trading Cards $5
Available in Bundles of 3

Bundle 1
Alice, Yinling & Yanglana, and Ninni (Female)
Bundle 2 (Coming Soon)
Kara, Jenny, and Ninni (Male)

To place an order, please fill out the information below. Your name and email will be used to send you an invoice via square. The product will be shipped 1-3 business days after the invoice has been paid. An email will be sent to you after the package has been shipped, and a tracking number will be provided if available.

Also, please note that shipping costs are not included in the listed price. Shipping will be calculated after receiving your address. If you live in the state of Colorado, sales tax will also be collected.
Thank you! You will be emailed soon!

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