These comics contain adult content. You MUST be 18 years or older to order a comic.
Liquor Witch, Hypnokit, and The Adder's Alter are now available as physical comics!

To order your copy, please read the information below and fill out the contact form.

The following comics are available for purchase:
(Please note that prices shown do not include shipping)

Liquor Witch Vol 1: Potion Presentation 
$21 (46 Pages)
Liquor Witch Vol 2: Small Stuff
$15 (36 Pages)

Hypnokit Vol. 1: The Loner
$15 (36 Pages)
Hypnokit Vol. 2: The Apprentice 
$15 (36 Pages)

The Adder's Alter Vol 1.: Stolen Revenge
$15 (36 Pages)
*Comics for pre-order will be available soon. If you place a pre-order, you will be placed on an email list, and will be sent an invoice when the comic is available
Trading Cards Included!
All comics come bundled with an exclusive trading card that compliments the volume. Non-patrons will receive a Blue card (SFW). 
00- Roxanne Rose
LW V.1
01- Alice Moon
LW V.1
02 - Yinling and Yanglana Loveless
HK V.1
03- Ninni Sever (Female)
AA V.1
04- Kara Yeen 
LW V.2
05- Jennifer Hoofton 
HK V.2

The Patreon Bundle
The exclusive Patreon bundle is available to buyers who have been a Patron for at least one month.  For being a patron, the following items will be bundled in with your purchase for free:
-A Bookmark (Random)
-A Sticker (Random)
-A Blue Trading Card (SFW) (Vol. Specific)
-A Red Trading Card (NSFW) (Vol. Specific)

To redeem your Patreon bundle, please include your Patreon Username in your order. I will then message you on Patreon to confirm your identity before sending an invoice. 
To order a comic, please fill out the information below. Your name and email will be used to send you an invoice via square. The comic will be shipped 1-3 business days after the invoice has been paid. An email will be sent to you after the package has been shipped, and a tracking number will be provided if available.

Also, please note that shipping costs are not included in the listed price. Shipping will be calculated after receiving your address. If you live in the state of Colorado, sales tax will also be collected.

These are Adult-Only comics. You MUST be 18 years or older to order a comic.
HOLIDAY UPDATE: Orders received between December 18th - 31st will not be processed until January 1st. 
Shipping is based out of the USA. Shipping within the country can range from $10-$15, and shipping outside of the country can be $15-$30 USD depending on the number of comics requested.
Thank you for ordering! I will email you soon with an invoice!
Due to content restrictions on mainstream online marketplaces, this is the only place you can order physical comics online. I will be processing these orders myself, so please be patient with the process. Feel free to email feedback and suggestions to

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